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About Me

My name is Tracy. I am a Pastor's wife, an elementary school teacher, and a mom with two sons, Thomas Zachary - 8 years, and Andrew John - 6 years. My husband of 15 years, John, is a Pastor. I hope you might glimpse a bit of Jesus Christ as you go through my web site and see the many awesome Christian books.

This is my first web page and I am learning as I go. It has taken many hours, but it is incredibly exhilarating to see it increase and improve each time I work on it.

I grew up in Southern Alberta, Canada, in a small town. I come from a family of seven and have four younger sisters. My husband often jokes that my dad must have committed some terrible mistake to have to share a house with six women! I think he was just lucky!

I have a passion for reading, particularly Christian Historical Fiction. I also love scrapbooking, cardmaking, oil painting and crafts.

Now that you know a little about me, check out the rest of my website and pass it on to your friends too!