Author Biography: Linda Nichols

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  1. Sue Whatley says:

    Hi Tracey–I have been trying to find info on Linda Nichols. Unfortunatley, here official website has not been updated, and I can’t seem to get any info from the publishers. Do you know any way I might contact her?

    Her books have been such a great inspiration, and my writer’s group is interested in having her come speak.

    Thank you–Sue Whatley

  2. Mildred Butterfield says:

    I really liked In Search of Eden. It is so inspiring and well written.

  3. Ingrid Standish says:

    Hi Tracey,

    I love Linda Nichols’ work. In Search of Eden, in particular, is such a beautiful story! Do you know if Linda is still writing?


  4. Marg Evans says:

    What has Linda Nichols published in the past few years?

  5. Hi, Tracy. I just found your website today, Dec. 19, 2012. I have been trying to find info on Linda Nichols for a long time. She is such an incredible writer! I would love to let her know how God has used her last four books to inspire and encourage me. Also, I wish I could find out if she is in the process of writing another one. Really good christian lit- erature is hard to come by these days. You know what I mean? Something deep (as op-
    posed to oh-so-shallow), relevant and well written. Okay, before I get too carried away I better close. Hoping to hear back from you.


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