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Stranger Online


written by Carol Smith

Created by Terry K. Brown

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This is a cute, very girlish book, definitely geared toward the junior or high school girl. While it depicts the often silly and giddy friendships between teenage girls, it also deals with the darker side of the teenage years such as peer pressure, cattiness between girls jockeying for position in a group, and the dangers of on-line chats with strangers.

Online Stranger, the first in the TodaysGirls.com series, introduces the six girls, featuring mainly Amber. A swim team member, devoted friend, younger sister of an annoying big brother, and respectful daughter, Amber is an ideal teen. While she makes the error of trying to deal with all her problems on her own instead of going to an adult for help, she does attempt to make her choices on what she thinks God would have her do as a Christian. The other girls, Maya, Jamie, Morgan, Alex, and Bren each play a role in Amber's life and in the plot of this book.

This story features the risks associated with on-line chats and gives some very good pointers on protecting one's privacy and safety while on-line. The author also includes a lot of teen online lingo for those who are newbies and I enjoyed seeing the girls described with their on-line personality as well as their "real" identities. I enjoyed the character bio's at the back of the book as well as the short chapter from the author on "Net Ready, Set, Go!" on safety on the web and treating others on the web with respect and dignity, as God would have us treat others. The theme of faith in God and honouring Him is central in this story, but does not come across as preachy in any way. Rather it is included as the natural decision making in the life of a Christian teen. It really depicts the ideal walk of a young Christian girl (or adult for the matter) as she seeks to make her relationship with Jesus central in her life and her daily decisions.

I think this book would be a great choice for any teen girl you know. I'm sure that the others in the series would also be great choices. This boook is great encouragement for real spiritual development as it depicts healthy relationships with others and with God.








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