“The Thorn” by Beverly Lewis: Book Review

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  1. David Meigs says:

    Great review! Isn’t if funny how a book can drag early on, but then somehow flip a switch and become a real page turner.


  2. Barbara H. says:

    Thanks for stopping by my place! I think I knew starting out that this was another trilogy, so I wasn’t disappointed that everything wasn’t resolved at the end.

    I think Hen’s being drawn back to her Amish roots wasn’t inexplicable — it seemed to have much to do with having a daughter and being concerned about what kind of atmosphere she was growing up in (her husband not wanting to make her obey and letting her listen to seductive MTV music) as opposed to the kind of atmosphere Hen grew up in. It seemed to me kind of like not appreciating what she had until she was away from it a bit. I think her marriage to Brandon is kind of a warning to people in general not to be caught in the first flush of infatuation. Brandon is certainly manipulative and his not wanting her to have contact with her family and the puppy incident borders on abusiveness.

    I think the thorn reference indicates that something, or more than one thing, in this plot will become a thorn in Rose’s side as the series goes on. Whether that’s Nick or Silas or Hen or what, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Nick appears to be out of the picture now but I feel sure he’ll pop up again.

  3. Waiting for a sequel is SO hard, especially if it’s 6 months or more. Usually I forget what happened (I’m awful like that!) and have to really refresh my memory before picking up with the new book.

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